Do You Need Additional Labor?


If you need more labor for the entire season, the harvest, or the winter season, and you answered "yes" to that question, then USAFARMLABOR, INC. has good news for you. We specialize in supplying legal seasonal labor to farms and ranches across the US, especially in the Mid-West where labor shortages are common. We offer an excellent supply of experienced, reliable labor, people who want to work. Our workers are of European descent, speak English, and have various crop farm and livestock experience.


How Can We Help You With Your Needs?


Our company has been solving labor needs since 2003, utilizing the H2-A program of the US Department of Labor. Our recruiters in South Africa, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe match workers with your needs and skill set requirements. We take care of all the filing of paperwork on your behalf to the various government agencies and travel arrangements in order to get your worker/s to you in a timely manner. When they arrive, our workers are dedicated to doing a good job for you and to work each day until the job is done. Some other advantages include:



  • The total cost for our workers is actually less than the comparable U.S. worker because of exemptions from paying state and federal taxes or overtime.
  • Our workers quickly learn any special or computer related skills required for your operation.
  • We do background checks and testing on all our workers.
  • We often stagger worker schedules so that you can have year round labor or get permit extensions if needed. We can sometimes supply our clients with extra short term labor.
  • We work to quickly resolve any labor issues that may arise.
  • Our services are competitively priced with no up-front fees and regular billing.
  • Remember that this process takes 75-90 days to get workers to you, so let’s get started today!
  • Just read the information on our website, take 15 minutes to fill out the Employer’s Application, hit “Submit,” and we’ll go to work getting you the workers you need.
  • You may contact us at any time if you have further questions.

If you need more information about who we are, what services we provide, the process, and the costs, then you will want to read our Information pages carefully.  If you are a worker seeking employment, then go to our Workers page and fill out the resume information.


It only takes a few minutes to learn more about our services and how USAFARMLABOR,INC. can help you with your labor needs.


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